Month: September 2014

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Where did the summer go…

With the Labor Day holiday now just a memory, I wonder where has the summer gone. Looking back I realize just how much has happen in just a few short months. Since May, four crias have been born on the farm; one male Forrest and three females Echo, Anne and Scarlett. They have grown so much since May, Forrest who was born on May 21st now weighs in at 70 pounds while Scarlett our little girl is nearly 40 pounds each tripling their birth weight over the summer.

In July, we began selling at both the Rural Retreat and Independence farmer’s markets. Additionally, we completed the construction of our farm store and now operate it daily from 4-8 pm. Inside you can see Kim’s complete line of handmade alpaca hats, scarves, gloves and other unique items.  Tom has also stocked the shelves with some of his local honey, wooden bowls, and custom triangle weaving looms.

In August, we hosted a number of farm visits and put up nearly 200 bales of hay in preparation for the coming winter.  Mary Todd returned to our farm after a short vacation to Dreamland Alpacas.  As we anticipate the arrival of this years fifth cria in October,  Ms. Libby really began to show signs of her pregnancy in both size and demeanor.

With September’s arrival, we have begun weaning our cria, continued harvesting the last of this years honey flow and monitor our bees health as their winter begins much earlier.